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Natural and ecological fibreboards from Poland
 HARDBOARDS                               (weight ca. 950 kos/cbm )

Standard size: 1220x2440/2750/3050mm and 1700x2750mm
Thickness:       2.0mm/2.5mm/3.2mm/4.0mm/5.0mm/6.4mm

  • raw / natural smooth / rough
  • painted on one side (uni and wooden patterns)
  • oil - tempered
  • perforated
  • with cut corners
  • cut - to - sizes
Hardboards are manufactured according to PN EN 13986 and EN 622-1, EN 622-2 with one side smooth and second side rough having the weight of 900-1000 kos / cbm. Hardboards made in wet process production practically without gluing find their use as:
  • packing (fruit-and vegetables boxes, covering, etc )
  • furniture parts ( drawers , back sides of furniture )
  • doors, partition walls
  • auto parts
  • posters, mirrors, advertising panels
  • shuttering / concrete forms

 HDF                                               (weight ca. 850 kos/cbm)

Standard size: 2070x2800 mm and others
Thickness:       2.5/3.0/3.2mm

  • raw / natural
  • painted on one side ( white,beige,etc or wooden patterns )
  • 1. or 2.quality
  • cut - to - sizes
High Density Fibreboards can be used in the same way as hardboards. HDF is both sides smooth.

 SOFTBOARDS                               (weight ca.230 kos/cbm)

Standard size: 1200x2500 mm
Thickness:       8 mm/10 mm/12 mm/15 mm/18 mm/19 mm                   and others

  • roh/natural
  • wax - impregnated
  • cut - to - size
  • sharp - edged and groove - tongue
Universal, sharp-edged softboards made according to DIN EN 13986 from natural fibres can be used as heat- and sound-insulation of walls and floors inside the buildings. These softboards meet requirements of the norms DIN 4100 ( sound ) and DIN 4102 ( fire resistance).
As roof-insulation are used waterproof UNDERROOF SOFTBOARDS with groove-tongue connections in thickness of 60mm till 120 mm which refer to DIN EN 13171.

 THERMO-BLOCKS                   (weight ca. 170 kos/cbm )
and PLASTER SYSTEM                (weight ca.190-265 kos/cbm)

Standard size: 600/1200x800/1000mm and 600x1350mm
Thickness:       20 - 160mm

Lightweight blockboards glued with several layers ( 20mm thickness ) of softboards for heat- and sound-insulation of walls and floors according to DIN 13171.
Also high strength PLASTER System of blockboards for outside insulation of front walls with sharp edges or groove-tongue connections.


 SOFTBOARD FLEX                     (weight of ca. 50 kos/cbm)

Standard size : 1220 x 575 mm
Thicknesses:     40 - 200 mm

Light , flexible fibreboard interior insulation made according to EN 13171 used mainly between wooden construction frames and rafters. Easy to cut and handle.

 WOODFIBRE UNDERLAYS       (weight of ca. 260 kos/cbm)

Standard size: 590 x 790 / 860 mm
Thickness:       4.0 mm/5.5 mm or 7.0 mm

Manufactured in accordance to DIN EN 622-4 and DIN 13986 healthy and ecological WOODFIBRE UNDERLAYS under all wooden or laminated floor panels: silent, warm, flexible, dry, stable in form, easy to lay.
In green or natural beige colour available.

 O S B                                         (weight of ca. 650 kos/cbm)

Sizes: 2440 x 1220 mm (sharp edges)
           2440 x 590 mm ( groove - tongue )
Thickness: 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 24/25 mm

OSB ( oriented strand board ) manufactured acc. to DIN EN 300 and EN 13986 is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands of wood in specific orientations across each other.
OSB can be used outside and inside of the building as construction parts of walls, roofs and floors as well as in packaging and furniture production.

 PLYWOOD                               (weight of ca. 700 kos/cbm)

Standard sizes: 1525 x 1525 mm and 1220 x 2440 mm
Thickness:          3 - 30 mm
Wood:                  birch / alder
Quality:   I / II - IV / IV ( B/BB - C/C ) sanded and not sanded, E 1
Norms:               russ.GOST 3916.1-96 and 3916.2-96
Gluing:              interior / exterior


All woodfibre materials are available in standard sizes and also cut - to -sizes. Many different special forms could be made i.e.: rings, circles, strips, holes, cut corners.



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